Steve Shallenberger
Leadership Expert, Bestselling Author,
& Founder and Chairman of Becoming Your Best Global Leadership LLC

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Steve is one of the leading global authorities on leadership and productivity. He has been a part of Contractor University for decades and has owned an energy company for more than 30 years. He is considered by many to be an expert in the energy industry and knows how to help others build a successful energy business.

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Do What Matters Most Training

Many leaders wonder how to help their team members engage, increase productivity, and do what matters most. In our research of more than 1,260 employees, we found that 68% feel their biggest challenge is how to prioritize their time, yet 80% of those same people do not have a process to do what matters most. Employees and managers are often asked to do more with less, which often results in a fighter pilot term called “task saturation.” As a result, performance and productivity often suffer. Universally, people are concerned about how to be productive in their job while at the same time improving themselves, their health, and their relationships.

There are three habits that will help leaders and employees be consistent, innovate, and do what matters most. These habits engage team members and empower them to do things they otherwise wouldn’t have done. We promise that when your leaders and employees apply these Do What Matters Most habits, they will increase performance and productivity by at least 30 – 50%. This increase in performance and productivity will impact every facet of your company.

An energy company went through the Do What Matters Most training and applied these habits to their sales team. As a result, their sales increased by $2.4 million that year. Like this energy company, if we expect people and employees to perform well, then we as leaders have the responsibility to arm them with the mindset and skillset to achieve their fullest potential.

These three habits are simple, easy-to-learn, and will dramatically improve your employee’s performance and productivity!

Participants will have access to the Do What Matters Most book, online resources, and a proprietary weekly planner.

Start With the Vision: Learn the Six-Step Process to Solve Your Biggest Problems and Achieve Your Goals

What is an issue or problem you are dealing with right now in your organization, that if it were resolved, would contribute to a more successful team and organization? The Six-Step Process is a powerful way to do exactly that: align your team around a planning process that can be used over and over to solve any issue. It becomes a part of your culture, empowers your team to be solution-focused, and gives your team members a specific problem-solving process.

What is an issue or problem you are dealing with right now in your organization, that if it were resolved, would contribute to a more successful team and organization? The Six-Step Process is a powerful way to do exactly that: align your team around a planning process that can be used over and over to solve any issue. It becomes a part of your culture, empowers your team to be solution-focused, and gives your team members a specific problem-solving process.

The Six-Step Process gives people a process to solve their biggest problems and create a clear plan of WHO will do WHAT by WHEN to solve any problem or achieve any goal. As a former F-16 fighter pilot, Rob will share the Six-Step Process and how fighter pilots used variations of this process to plan detailed and complex missions.

During the training, each person will choose the most significant issue they are facing – personal or professional – then use the Six-Step Process to find a solution and develop a plan to solve it. Whether it’s an issue related to an internal system, technician scheduling, sales, turnover, or the customer experience, you will be amazed at the plans your team develops to achieve their goals and improve any of these issues.

This is the same process the Dallas Cowboys, Flying J, and others continuously use to solve multi-million dollar problems.

Participants will have access to the Start with the Vision book, online resources, and a Six-Step Process template.

The 12 Principles of Highly Successful Leaders: Developing Great Leaders and a High-Performance Culture

After 40 years of research Becoming Your Best identified the 12 high-performance principles and habits that bring out the best in people, transform a culture, and creates alignment from top to bottom. These principles set apart the greatest leaders and teams from all the rest. Once internalized by your team, they will transform your organization.

This is the turn-key solution for those who want training that will positively impact every area of your business. Teams and organizations that have done the training and focused on the 12 principles almost always see massive growth and improvement in every key performance indicator.

This training won an award from HR.Com as one of the top three leadership trainings in the world. It is fun, sustainable, and highly impactful at every level in your company!

Participants receive a participant guide filled with 36 activities, a copy of the Becoming Your Best book, a weekly planner, and a library of online resources.

Imagine a technician who correctly completes a job the first time, leaves the customer happy, and has a 100% job completion rate (job done the right way the first time)! Imagine an organization that is aligned, team members are innovating better ways to do their job, and everyone contributes to the company’s growth. This is exactly what happens when leaders give themselves and their teams the right training!

Executive Coaching to Dynamically Grow your Business and Profits

We have a $100,000+ goal for your business!

What is the $100,000 goal?
It means that our goal is to help you 10x the return on your coaching investment and generate at least $100,000 as a result of your coaching. Of course, because of federal guidelines, we can never guarantee that, but this is our goal. Again, we want to help you generate at least $100k through our coaching and 10x your coaching investment.

Below are some of the benefits from the Becoming Your Best (BYB) coaching program:

  • A Four-Hour Live Visit to Develop Your Success Plan. This is a live or virtual visit (your choice) to set up your personal and business plan to help you have your best year ever. Everything else throughout the rest of the coaching year will be about executing on this plan.
  • Monthly High-Performance Group Coaching Call. Each month you can participate in a group webinar with other coaching clients. This is a great opportunity to hear about our latest research, ask questions, and learn from others.
  • Two BYB Masterminds: These are business owners and leaders from many different industries all coming together to help you with your biggest opportunities and challenges. Twice a year we meet as a mastermind group and you get between 20 – 40 minutes to share whatever you need help with. Then, some of the greatest business minds spend the remainder of your allocated time sharing ideas and suggestions. These masterminds are always a powerful experience for our coaching clients.
  • Six Personal Coaching Calls. These calls will be spaced throughout the year to make pivots to your success plan and discuss important business ideas that came up through the year.
  • A Strategic Plan for your Company. We’ll walk through our proprietary process for strategic planning and alignment to help you develop your plan to maximize profits and grow your business. Whether or not you continue as a coaching client, you can use this same template year after year for the rest of your life!
  • Two tickets to attend our Breakthrough Leadership Conference. This conference focuses on how to develop high-performing people and teams, a high-performance culture, and how to align your organization from top to bottom.
  • Five free access passes to our Online Breakthrough Leadership Conference. Have your key managers or employees go through the online two-day conference to learn the high-performance habits that will increase their performance and productivity by 30 – 50%!
  • Five free access passes for our Online Ultimate Sales Course. Your sales or business development team members, will get free access to our online sales course and learn tools that will have a huge impact on their sales performance.
  • Normal coaching programs start at $15,000. Because of your Contractor University membership, you can apply for this powerful coaching program for just $10,000!

Special Offer For Contractor University Members

This premiere coaching package normally starts at $15k. Because of your Contractor University membership, you get access to all of the same powerful materials and add-on’s for just $10,000!

Remember, our goal is to help you grow your business by at least $100,000 and to 10x the return on your coaching investment.