Mike Treas
"The HVAC Sales Coach"
& Contractor University Founding Faculty

*Virtual event duration may differ from what is outlined below. Typically, a 1-Day physical in-person event will equate to a 2-Day virtual event. If you are interested in a virtual event, please inquire on event duration.

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The HVAC Sales Coach. Training, Motivating, Consulting. Training and consulting for all sales staff including comfort advisors, technicians, customer service representatives and management.

1 Day Event
2+ Day Event

All Company Huddle

This company wide workshop is designed to help everyone in the organization understand their role in the company’s growth and success. Everyone with customer contact will share their experiences and learn how each of them can impact the bottom line. We are all in sales. This program will help each employee realize their potential and give an opportunity for them to work at peak efficiency each and every day.

Topics Covered:

  • The Value of Maintenance Agreements, More Work and Happier Customers
  • Customers Who Value You
  • More Accessory Sales
  • Better Replacements Leads
  • Company Growth
  • Phone and Office Personnel Can Sell Maintenance Agreements Too
  • We Are All in Sales. The Residential Replacement Department has the Highest Revenue; Let’s All Support It!
  • How Phone and Office Personnel Create Replacement Leads
  • How Technicians Create Replacement Leads

Technician Communication & Selling Skills

The goal of this workshop is to learn and role play communication process, social styles and personalities, how to get along well, how to improve building customer relationships to improve the brand. We also cover in depth the consumer behaviors interests, questioning technique, sales process and selling techniques, and how to use them all. Technicians will learn and have materials to use that can help them sell more equipment, create more leads, create more accessory sales, and sell more maintenance agreements.

Topics Covered

  • Role of the Technician
  • Mind Mapping – Attitudes and Focusing on Goals, Present
  • Personality – Social Styles – Dealing with People – How and Why
  • Understanding Effective Communication
  • Defining Selling Skills – 7 Skills
  • Understanding What Process in sales – how to sell by involving customers
  • Setting Goals and a Personal Plan
  • What is the Perfect Service Call Process
  • Defining The Questions to Ask a Homeowner – 12 Questions we Recommend

CLOSE In-Home Sales Program

This intense workshop outlines the sales process in detail. Participants will learn how to determine what buyer’s wants and needs are through questions, develop a set of goals for the homeowner and educate the customer on the appropriate HVAC products that will help them. An educated buyer is a happy buyer. Once the customer is educated on how it works and how important it is to install it correctly, most customers want to do it right. This program will increase the average ticket AND closing percentage within a few days of finishing the class.

The CLOSE® Sales Program teaches how to help customers by showing how to Connect with the customer, care about the customer’s Life, Offer Solutions and Encourage the customer to make decisions based on their own convictions. This process driven program is for everyone!

Topics Covered

  • Goal Setting
  • New Comfort Advisors Will Learn a Process That Will Give Them Instant Success
  • Seasoned Comfort Advisors Will Be Reminded of the Power of a Process and Techniques That Increase Average Sale and Closing Percentage
  • Stop Selling
  • People: You and the Customer
  • Questions That Lead to Higher Tickets
  • The Value of Financing

Sales Training That Delivers Results

Mike has many years of experience teaching comfort advisors how to close and technicians how to sell maintenance agreements and accessories. And, how to create leads for comfort advisors. Comfort advisors struggle selling better than basic systems. The key to getting customers to want to buy better is to educate them on how two-stage and multi-stage systems, along with the right accessories, will help them reach their goals. First, goals need to be set for the customer through questions and agreeing that those goals are needed. When we ask questions that create emotion where the homeowner believes they need the results discussed then they will listen to the solutions provided by better equipment. No matter the equipment they buy the goal for the comfort advisor is to secure the sale because the bottom line is that your company does the best install and if the homeowner has anyone else install their system they will get a lesser quality resulting in higher utility bills, more repairs and a shorter life. Most educated buyers will want to do the right thing.

Special Offer For Contractor University Members

As an Contractor University member, when you have Mike Treas come to you on-site to train your comfort advisors, for his three-day or two-day programs for technicians, you get a 20% discount off his usual rates. Fees are all-inclusive and include travel, meals, hotel and materials!

Contractor University members save 20% off these packages:
Three-day CLOSE© Comfort Advisor Program – $8000 $6400
Two-day Communication Excellence for Technicians Program – $6000 $4800