Brigham Dickinson
Author, Speaker and Founder & President of Power Selling Pros

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Brigham Dickinson is an accomplished author, speaker, and thought-leader in the field of customer service. As the founder and president of Power Selling Pros, Dickinson revolutionized customer service practices in the home services industry, assisting hundreds of companies around the globe to enhance their customer experience and increase job bookings.

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How to Turn Your Call Center into a Profit Center

In “How to Turn Your Call Center into a Profit Center,” Brigham Dickinson brings his wealth of experience and innovative thinking to redefine the role of call centers in businesses. Instead of viewing call centers merely as cost centers, Dickinson encourages businesses to see them as potential sources of revenue.

This engaging presentation focuses on empowering Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) to deliver
“WOW” experiences to customers, transforming every interaction into an opportunity to secure a job booking. By teaching CSRs the skills to upsell and cross-sell effectively, and to convert inquiries into loyal customers, Dickinson demonstrates how a call center can indeed become a profit center.

He utilizes the principles from his trademarked framework, the Pattern for Excellence, to showcase actionable strategies that businesses can apply immediately. From enhancing CSR engagement to understanding the customer’s perspective, Dickinson explores a myriad of ways to improve customer service and, in turn, boost profits.

This presentation is a must-attend for any business looking to reimagine their call center’s role and transform it into a significant contributor to their bottom line. It’s not just about customer service; it’s about turning service into profits.