Weldon Long
New York Times Best Selling Author
& Contractor University Founding Faculty

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Weldon Long is a successful entrepreneur, powerful speaker, sales expert and author of the NY Times Bestseller, The Power of Consistency - Prosperity Mindset Training for Sales and Business Professionals.

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The Power of Consistency

Achieving greatness in the face of adversity requires creating a Personal Prosperity Mindset that is designed to thrive in the face of adversity and succeed in the face of any challenge(s). Let’s face it, every individual and every organizations faces difficulties. The key to greatness is learning to prosper in the face of those difficulties.

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Get FOCUSED on what you want and what you must do TODAY to create your ideal life and business;
  • Identify destructive “Junk in the Trunk” that will undermine your professional and personal success;
  • Create a Prosperity Plan to reference daily and get EMOTIONALLY COMMITTED to your ideal life and business;
  • Take CONSISTENT ACTION towards your financial and personal goals on a daily basis;
  • Understand that your life and business results are a reflection of “seemingly inconsequential” decisions you are making on a daily basis;
  • Stop blaming external factors and take 100% RESPONSIBILITY for your results in life and business.

This program is designed for HVAC Professionals who need to adopt a mindset of personal responsibility, increase productivity and hold themselves and others to a higher level of accountability.

This program can be delivered live or digitally as a Keynote or as a comprehensive training program delivered over 1 day.

Consistency Selling

Consistent sales results come from consistent sales activities. Random sales results come from random sales activities. It’s not rocket science. Generating powerful sales results is about using a sales PROCESS to produce consistent sales results.

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Follow the R.I.S.C. sales process, which is based on “High Service” – not high pressure – and builds a “wall of evidence” proving that YOU are the best option for your prospect(s);
  • Understand the consistency principle that states “public declarations dictate future actions”;
  • Leverage the consistency principle to proactively address objections BEFORE the prospect brings them up;
  • Use Weldon’s “Sales Hallway” model on a consistent basis to eliminate hearing “I need 3-Bids”, “I need a cheaper price” and “I need to think about it”, while bringing the sale to a conclusion;
  • Use the 3 MOST POWERFUL WORDS in sales – “Earlier you said”;
  • Use the 4 MOST IMPORTANT WORDS in sales – “Will you trust me?”

This program is designed for HVAC Comfort Advisors and Selling Technicians. They will learn to increase close rates and increase average sale.

This program can be delivered live or digitally as a Keynote or as a comprehensive training program delivered over 1 or 2 days.